A note from the composer...

"The Ocarina Of Time Symphony has been a true labour of love. It’s an hour of nostalgic goodness, arranged so that you can put yourself in Link’s boots and save Hyrule yourself. I see Zelda reimagined by countless talented concept artists, cosplayers, game developers etc This is my tribute to one of the greatest games of all time. Enjoy the adventure, I hope it brings you as much joy as it did me."

Marcus Hedges.

What are people saying?


"It pulls memories from deep within and brings them to the surface"


"It's Wonderful"


"Simply put, this is a masterpiece"


"Beautiful, all Zelda fans need to check this out!"

Over an hour of nostalgic zelda goodness!

Purchase the full 45 track high quality album from ITunes and Loudr. You're probably wondering what Loudr is. Loudr gives you the opportunity to show extra support by choosing to contribute on top of the original album price if you so wish. It's PayPal enabled and you can have your choice of WAV, FLAC or Aiff audio formats. It's my preferred platform for sure!


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